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FPM - Series

Cleanable cartridge filter

The cartridge filte rhas a filter quality of H11 and the mechanical cleaning process will take the place by turning the hand wheel (no compressed air necessary). In connection with the precoating process also adhesive and tacky dust particles can be extracted.

FPV-Series , Designed to collect a large amount of dust

Easy replacement of the filters

The free access from the top allows an easy almost contamination free replacement of the filters.

Upgradeable with activated carbon- and particle filter module

Special pre-treated activated carbon guarantees the adsorption of the different hazardous gases and odor molecules. By upgrading the system with the optional particle filter module the total filter quality can be upgraded to H13.

Powerful electronic features built in and help you save

Filter change indicators and alarm signal Filter monitoring, pre-information at a filter saturation of 80% Adjustable air speed Failure indicator of the turbine/motor Flow control system keeps the extraction power at the level you set SUB-D Interface for remote-control of all main functions.