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Designed to collect a large amount of dust

These devices serve as pre-filters and are connected upstream to LN standard or GL standard series. The procedure taking place in these devices is a pre-scalping of coarse to medium to fine particulate matter (filter class M according to DIN EN 60335). As the FPV devices do in their function as pre-filters prevent the fine filters from saturating all-too fast, this device configuration is particularly advisable in case a large amount of dust is to be collected. The filter cartridge features an especially high capacity to collect coarse to fine particles. Furthermore, the filter cartridge can be cleaned fast and easily, is resistant and therefore features a long life expectancy. The filter cartridge is cleaned using an integrated brush that is operated via a crank-handle.

>>> Simple enhancement of LN/GL series for prolonging filter lifetime and reducing process costs

FPV-Series , Designed to collect a large amount of dust
Easy dust removal

Dust removal is done by simply taking out the dust collection box. This provides for easy, low-contamination disposal of the collected dust.

>>> Clean and safe working conditions for your employees

Precoating the filter cartridges

When extracting tacky dust, cleanable filter cartridges can be protected from jamming by the use of precoating powder. As the device is switched on, the precoating powder dosage is inserted into the raw-gas pipe before starting to extract any particles. Thereby, the powder will be distributed inside the filter cartridge and form a protection layer on top of the filter material. This protection layer prevents the filter pores from being jammed all-too fast. After every cleaning activity, the precoating process has to be rerun. Hence, cleanable filter cartridges can also be used for extracting problematic emissions. In case of large dust production, this process is preferable against the saturation filters as used in the LN series.