SNK is a modern and dynamic enterprise founded in 2002. We concentrate on the co-operation with German companies.Our offers are in line with our awareness of the demand for perfect quality and reasonable prices.


Energy-saving, high-performance, quiet

By means of newest technologies we have been able to create a high-performance and yet energy-saving fume extraction and filtration system. Additionally integrated sound suppression methods lead to noise values between 51 and 53dB(A). This makes the GREENLINE series particularly suitable for quiet environments such as offices and laboratories, providing for a high quality of working conditions due to the environmentally sound and quiet operation.

>>> Eco-friendly, Co²-reducing design

GL-Desk (quiet and energy-efficient)

Upgradable with different filter modules

The GL series devices can, according to the respective application, be equipped with different filter modules to provide for the best possible adaptation to a wide variety of applications. This leads to an optimization of filter costs and maintenance efforts. Additionally, it is possible to change the device's filter equipment later in case of an application change. Different pre-filters and the so-called particle filter H13 (filtration efficiency of 99.95% at 0.1-0.3µm) provide for the filtration of even the smallest particles. An additional activated carbon stage will also collect gaseous pollutants.

>>> Flexible and cost-effective in initial and standing charges

Adsorbtion of gaseous pollutants by two-stage filter

A gas filtration system arranged in two stages, activated carbon and BAC granulate, provides for the adsorption of gaseous pollutants and odors. Therefore, it is possible to adsorb a wide range of gases and odors or to neutralize them by means of a chemical process. Due to the separation of the two granulates by integrated 2-chamber technology, an easy and separate disposal of the different materials is rendered possible.

>>> Protection against unpleasant odours and harmful gases.

Easy filter change

The filter change is done by simply removing the filter through the top side. This provides for an easy and clean filter change.

>>> Clean and safe working conditions for your employees

High-performance electronic features provide for your safety

All devices are, by standard, equipped with an interface (D-SUB 25pin). Via display as well as via the interface the following functions can be monitored: The continuously variable speed control (automatic readjustment as the filter saturation increases), the automatic advance warning at 80% filter saturation, the optical and acoustic display at complete filter saturation, the automatic malfunction information and the start/stand-by operation switch.

>>> Easy and safe function monitoring for your employees