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Cleanable, high-quality filter cartridge

TBH standard filter cartridges are equipped with a microfibre surface of PES (polyester). The insolvable surface membrane forms an optimal protection against mechanical damages and is therefore robust and resistant against mechanical stresses. As a result of these characteristics, TBH filter cartridges feature a long life expactancy at constant performance.

>>> Constantly high filtration efficiency during the entire product lifetime

FP-Series -Cleanable, high-quality filter cartridge

Cleaning the filter cartridge

The filter cartridge may be cleaned either by hand using a compressed-air pistol or by the optional automatic cleaning unit. Automatic cleaning is controlled via the control electronic that is integrated by default.

>>> High filtration efficiency and long filter lifetime

Easy dust remova

Dust removal is done by simply taking out the dust collection box. This provides for easy, low-contamination disposal of the collected dust.

>>> Clean and safe working conditions for your employees

High-performance electronic features provide for your safety

All devices are, by standard, equipped with an interface (D-SUB 25pin). Via display as well as via the interface the following functions can be monitored: The continuously variable speed control (automatic readjustment as the filter saturation increases), the automatic advance warning at 80% filter saturation, the optical and acoustic display at complete filter saturation, the automatic malfunction information and the start/stand-by operation switch.

>>> Easy and safe function monitoring for your employees